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Aussies Keeps Loan Ratios Down
posted on July 7, 2011 05:49 pm
House Block Areas Shrinks
posted on July 5, 2011 05:31 pm
Avoiding Rent to Save for Home Loan – Gen Y
posted on June 30, 2011 06:07 pm

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Australian Real Estate and Home Building News


Houses for Sale by Managers - Brilliant Ideas in Promoting a House
There has been an increase in recognition by proprietors regarding houses that are for sale with several homeowners and other people consider providing the households themselves.

Small Houses for Sale being Built due to Hard times
Reports revealed that due to construction costs, Michigan home builders are finding it hard to sell higher-end houses.

David Hick’s Autobiography Biography to be published by Random House Builder
Random House, a known publishing company of such books by popular authors like Janet Evanovich, Oliver Socks, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Karen Armstrong, David Rakoff, Mark Stephens, among others, is to publish another book which is guaranteed to be educational and entertaining.

Home Display and Garden Show showcases Duct tape Creations
A Switzerland Middle School student has showcased her unique creations at the St.

The New House Plans for the New Jobs
The new house plans for Jobs house have been selected and talks of definite construction are already under way.

Big Houses for Sale Now Have Slim Chances of Getting Sold – Delaware Real Estate
Owners of big houses for sale in Delaware have been finding it hard to sell their property despite the almost yearly renovation they have been doing to sell the house fast at the price they think befitting the property.

The Project for A More Liveable Australia House Plans
The Federal government had launch a new voluntary agreement with the industry, expressing that there will be a launch for the Universal Housing Design Standards today in a push for all new homes – which is about 140, 000 a year – and this is to meet specific targets by 2020 to meet the new rating system.

Devine Sales Boom on House & Land Packages
Queensland, AU - Despite the reduction from the First Home Owners Grant last month, land sales at Queensland development company Devine Communities still continues to boom and gather up sales.

Tory MP Attacks Council House Plans
UK’s new Prime Minister David Cameron and his plan on ending council housing “for life” have been roughly escalated by a Tory MP.

Queensland Homes for Sale to Settle Debts
Queensland councils have to settle $32 million debt which have not been paid for at least three years.

House Builders Feel the Sector’s Slowdown
The Australian Industry Group/Housing Industry Association Performance of Construction scale dropped 3 point 1 points to 43.

WA Home Builders to Build Broome Homes
The Australian State Government invited Western Home Builders to participate to build and design display homes in Broome, which will become the largest display village in the Kimberley A 10-House Display Village is planned to be built on outstanding lots on the main entry into the new housing estate.

Australia’s Home Construction Business Slowed Down
Melbourne, AU - Australian home builders have something to think about lately, depicting a negative transition and a slow movement of contracts coming in their way.

House Designs for the Disabled
According to the report stated Livable Housing Design standards for all new homes to be built will be the inspirational target of most leaders of the housing industry, disability sector and community this 2010.

Home for Sale Price Might Decrease
The price of Australian properties such as homes for sale might set to fall.

Australian Home Builder leaves Homeowner
A family who’s living in Darwin may be obliged to pay twice for the construction of their new home after their home builder faded away before its completion.

Low Cost Homes for Sale Drop in Canberra
Housing Affordability in Canberra gets worse making it tougher for first time home buyers to get into the real estate market, according to the latest study conducted by Bankwest.

Interest Rates Remain Still
Reserve Bank has held in reserve interest rates unchanged at four and haf per cent ”pending further information’’ on the subject of the global economy.

HIA reports Australian Home Building Recovery to Stall in 2011
According to Housing Industry Association (HIA), a recovery in Australian home building is expected to stall in 2010.

Exceptional Australian Home up For Sale
Toowoomba’s Doorstep is known to be as one of the most exceptional houses in Australia and it’s now available for sale, according to The Chronicle.

Home for Sale Gets Expensive
The house price in Adelaide, Australia are forecast to soar high by 20 percent during the next 3 years, increasing more pressure to potential home buyers.

Crisis on Housing Plans in Australia
According to the latest report regarding the house plan in Australia stated that recently the council in Sydney has announced war on the State Government’s plan to restrict developer charges, with two outlawing a new development application.

Affordable Homes for sale in Australia
Federal Government has published its researched data uncovering places that have affordable homes for sale in Australia.

Australian Builder’s Report Lowest Level in Six Months
Housing Industry Association’s said that there’s a decline on their profit and this was recorded as the lowest level of profits in six months as of now.

HomeBuyers Want to Invest More for Green Homes
According to PRDnationwide, there’s a 30% of respondents would deal out up to $10, 000 higher to buy a house that was eco-friendly while 9% would pay $30, 000 or more.

Skills Shortage May Affect Home Constructions
Home builders are afraid that a shortage of skills may stop an increase in new home constructions.

Bank Declares Recovery on House Prices in Australia
According to the Country’s Reserve Bank, the real estate industry in Australia has no bubble on it however it would not be enviable for the present wave of growing property prices to turn into one.

Housing Finance in Australia Gets Weak
According to National Australia Bank Capital chief economist, Robert Henderson, the housing finance of March fall comes on the back of 2% decline in February.

Iphone Application for House Hunter in Australia
From the recent news in Australia, more and more people are investing real estate property for their future however there’s the latest innovative method that has been spread today, there’s now an Iphone application for house hunter in Australia.

Australia’s First Zero-Emission Home Design
Recently reported about the Australia’s first Zero Emission House (AusZEH) will be officially opened in Melbourne.

Iphone App for Home Builders
Tradie’s App is the latest addition in Iphone application and this has been created by a Sydney home builder, David Campbell, in accordance for the betterment of their professions.

Houses for Sale in Australia Shortage Doubles Up
Recent news released regarding the Australia’s homes for sale and home constructions shortage this year.

Construction Activity Weakens in March
From the recent news regarding the home construction and home builder stated that the Australian Industry (AI) Group-Housing Industry Association (HIA) status and development of construction has been decreased by almost 4.

An Expansion on Home Design
Located in Danbury, Norwalk and Wesport, Conn the largest independently owned home design retailer, Klaff has recently expanded into Westchester, opening its first New York store on Central Park Avenue in Scarsdale.




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