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David Hick’s Autobiography Biography to be published by Random House Builder

Random House, a known publishing company of such books by popular authors like Janet Evanovich, Oliver Socks, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Karen Armstrong, David Rakoff, Mark Stephens, among others, is to publish another book which is guaranteed to be educational and entertaining.

The publication is one of the leading publications in the market today, with a complete array of books from different categories for people of all ages. There are children books, business, political, nonfiction, reference, religion and spirituality, entertainment, family and relationships, the arts, current affairs, and many more. Each and everyone can find the books that interest them in Random House.

Recently, the publishing company has announced its plans to publish the autobiography of the Australian former Gunatanamo detainee David Hicks. However, there has been no clear news of whether he has been paid or if he did, how much the exact amount was. There was also no clear news if the said publication of the autobiography would be legal.

It is of common knowledge that Australians are not allowed to earn from the crimes that they have committed and included in the said prohibition is the publication of books. This plan of Random House then requires some legal negotiations before it becomes an actuality.

With that, the convicted Bali Cannabis smuggler Schapelle Corby published her story last year.

Currently residing in Sydney, Hicks’ capture occurred in 2001. He was captured by US forces in Afghanistan which led him to spending 5 ½ years in jail in Guantanamo. He pleaded guilty to giving support to the terrorism in 2007 prior to his serving the final 7 months of his sentence in Adelaide.

With more issues that have yet to be answered by the publishing house surrounding the publication of the autobiography, people are set to wait for a few more confirmations if the publishing will still push through or not.




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